2019 Wildflower Festival Entertainment Lineup

11:00AM - Nature Folklore and Superstitions as told by Granny Sue: Don’t burn sassafras wood, but do put violets under your pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep. Since ancient times, humans have attached magical and medicinal beliefs to the natural world, and sometimes there are good reasons why. Come and hear fascinating stories and lore about the plants in the world around us.

Professional storyteller, writer, poet, blogger and ballad singer Susanna “Granny Sue” Holstein is from Jackson County, WV. Her work has been published in anthologies, online journals and on four CDs. A West Virginia History Hero and founding member of the West Virginia Storytelling Guild, Holstein has presented Appalachian and Celtic stories and ballads, world folktales, folklore and family stories as well as storytelling and writing workshops for over 20 years.

2:00PM - Porter Creek Cloggers

3:00PM - Shaun Depriest - Musician

4:00PM - John Browning - One Man Band